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First Blog Nerves

For a couple of weeks, the debate has been on as to what the content of the first ever Penny Fairy blog should be about.  Should it be an intro, a pledge of promises, jump straight into penny-saving tips or something from the heart?  Decisions, decisions.

So here goes, with a flutter of my wings and a whizz of magic I am pleased to say…The Penny Fairy Blog is officially launched!

From turning bronze coins into silver and gold to finding the best deals and tips to save money, you hopefully will be inspired and perhaps may decide to try some little suggestions out for yourself.  Don’t keep The Penny Fairy as your hidden secret, be proud and share with friends and family that you are being money savvy, taking control of your financial future!

Most importantly enjoy and thank you for being at the start of The Penny Fairy’s journey!

PF x



So to put it simply the ‘The Penny Fairy’ is all about saving money, seeking out good value and sharing hints and tips.