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Clever Technology or Manipulative Tactics?

We live in an era where technology appears to have no limits and as quick as a problem is identified, a solution is created.  Technological advances are the norm and new functionality used to enhance our online shopping experiences are expected and welcomed with open arms.  But are they helping the shopper or are shoppers falling under the marketing spell and being ‘psychologically’ played during the buying process?

Have you seen:

  • ’20 people have bought this in the last 24 hours’
  • ‘3 people are currently also looking at this deal’
  • ‘Only 1 left’

Before you press buy or grab your credit card, pause and think.  Ask yourself:

  • do you actually want to have it if it is so popular? – especially if it’s clothes
  • are they just looking like me?  And what?
  • is this really it, or have they just not released the next batch of stock or accommodation allocation?

These are all marketing tactics, designed to make you react quicker than the norm, persuade you to buy with one online visit, rather than perhaps looking around or returning at a later time to purchase.  Browsing costs marketeers money, every time you click a link it costs money, and therefore they are seeking the ideal ‘one visit purchase/conversion’.  Psychological tactics are being deployed to increase the chances of the ‘perfect scenario’ happening.

Take time when buying online, that is the beauty of it versus shopping in store, you have the time to browse and compare.  When you see ‘neat’ new technologies being used online, stop and think, is this actually benefiting me or just trying to ‘rush me’.

You choose, take your time and remember the internet is vast, you may just find a better deal online or more availability elsewhere.





So to put it simply the ‘The Penny Fairy’ is all about saving money, seeking out good value and sharing hints and tips.

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