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Host your own Murder Mystery Party

It may start with giggles and a little bit of awkwardness, but in no time at all everyone will be in the ‘murder zone’ and the competition will start heating up!

Holding your own murder party can be anything from a simple game of Cluedo to a full on fancy dress, scripted affair!  What format will you choose?  Will you go for a modern day or an historical setting and will it be ‘traditional’ or ‘technical’? The choice is endless, and we reckon you will be putting the next event in your diary before you have found out ‘who-dunit’ at your first party.

Pre-Planned Dinner Party Games

A quick search on Amazon found a company selling a huge array of dinner party games for only £20!  Subjects include, Roaring 20s, Disco, Christmas, Garden Party, Murder at the Manor, to name just a few.

Tins come fully equipped with character sheets, party invitations, evidence sheets, questions and most importantly, instructions!

Check them out, the company is called Murder Mystery Flexi Party.

murder mystery

Buy online, download and play!

There are loads of companies online that have a choice of games and themes customised depending upon the number of players participating.  They hugely vary in cost to fit your budget, with a whole host of additional add-ons.

The Penny Fairy found had lots of options to choose from, and from reading online seems easy to buy and download.

If you have any recommendations on how to use, we’d love to hear from you.

Push the boat out – Hire a Theatrical Group

If you have a special celebration or a large event coming up, you may be looking for something a little more ‘wow’.  Why not hire a theatrical group to come to your venue and entertain you for the evening.

Browsing online will turn up options in your local area.  The Penny Fairy can recommend a company called ‘Company Upfront‘, having attended a couple of their events.  Utterly spectacular, and most importantly very entertaining!

Raid your cupboard

If all else fails…grab the old faithful, Cluedo.  Sometimes the old classics are the best!




So to put it simply the ‘The Penny Fairy’ is all about saving money, seeking out good value and sharing hints and tips.

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