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Host your own Murder Mystery Party

It may start with giggles and a little bit of awkwardness, but in no time at all everyone will be in the ‘murder zone’ and the competition will start heating up!

Holding your own murder party can be anything from a simple game of Cluedo to a full on fancy dress, scripted affair!  What format will you choose?  Will you go for a modern day or an historical setting and will it be ‘traditional’ or ‘technical’? The choice is endless, and we reckon you will be putting the next event in your diary before you have found out ‘who-dunit’ at your first party.

Pre-Planned Dinner Party Games

A quick search on Amazon found a company selling a huge array of dinner party games for only £20!  Subjects include, Roaring 20s, Disco, Christmas, Garden Party, Murder at the Manor, to name just a few.

Tins come fully equipped with character sheets, party invitations, evidence sheets, questions and most importantly, instructions!

Check them out, the company is called Murder Mystery Flexi Party.

murder mystery

Buy online, download and play!

There are loads of companies online that have a choice of games and themes customised depending upon the number of players participating.  They hugely vary in cost to fit your budget, with a whole host of additional add-ons.

The Penny Fairy found had lots of options to choose from, and from reading online seems easy to buy and download.

If you have any recommendations on how to use, we’d love to hear from you.

Push the boat out – Hire a Theatrical Group

If you have a special celebration or a large event coming up, you may be looking for something a little more ‘wow’.  Why not hire a theatrical group to come to your venue and entertain you for the evening.

Browsing online will turn up options in your local area.  The Penny Fairy can recommend a company called ‘Company Upfront‘, having attended a couple of their events.  Utterly spectacular, and most importantly very entertaining!

Raid your cupboard

If all else fails…grab the old faithful, Cluedo.  Sometimes the old classics are the best!



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Clever Technology or Manipulative Tactics?

We live in an era where technology appears to have no limits and as quick as a problem is identified, a solution is created.  Technological advances are the norm and new functionality used to enhance our online shopping experiences are expected and welcomed with open arms.  But are they helping the shopper or are shoppers falling under the marketing spell and being ‘psychologically’ played during the buying process?

Have you seen:

  • ’20 people have bought this in the last 24 hours’
  • ‘3 people are currently also looking at this deal’
  • ‘Only 1 left’

Before you press buy or grab your credit card, pause and think.  Ask yourself:

  • do you actually want to have it if it is so popular? – especially if it’s clothes
  • are they just looking like me?  And what?
  • is this really it, or have they just not released the next batch of stock or accommodation allocation?

These are all marketing tactics, designed to make you react quicker than the norm, persuade you to buy with one online visit, rather than perhaps looking around or returning at a later time to purchase.  Browsing costs marketeers money, every time you click a link it costs money, and therefore they are seeking the ideal ‘one visit purchase/conversion’.  Psychological tactics are being deployed to increase the chances of the ‘perfect scenario’ happening.

Take time when buying online, that is the beauty of it versus shopping in store, you have the time to browse and compare.  When you see ‘neat’ new technologies being used online, stop and think, is this actually benefiting me or just trying to ‘rush me’.

You choose, take your time and remember the internet is vast, you may just find a better deal online or more availability elsewhere.




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This Weeks Comparison: 10 Birds Eye Cod Fish Fingers

We’ve compared five boxes of Birds Eye Fish Fingers Cod x 10 from some of the main supermarket retail chains.  This week’s winner is a draw!

fish fingers

Here are our results:

    • Tesco                    £2.00 (special offer)
    • Waitrose            £2.00 (special offer)
    • Morrisons          £2.00 (special offer)
    • Asda                     £2.50
    • Sainsburys       £2.50


All 5 supermarkets compared have a normal retail price of £2.50, however 3 currently have a special offer on.

You may be wondering why Iceland has not been compared as it is a frozen product, online they only sell boxes of 28.  Which in comparison are £4.50.  This equates to 16 per finger, whereas the special offers detailed above for  box of 10 work out at 20p per finger.  So it maybe worth doing your homework and buying a larger box if this is a household favourite!

Prices compared 08/10/17

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Don’t be tricked into spending a fortune this Halloween!

Fancy dress costumes, trick or treat goodies, decorations…the list can seem endless, don’t be tricked into spending a fortune this Halloween!

Here are our suggestions on how to make Halloween a treat this year without raiding the piggy bank!

Supermarket Fancy Dress

Costumes don’t have to be expensive.  All supermarkets have fancy dress outfits instore in the lead up to the big event.  It is possible that buying from a supermarket may actually be cheaper than hiring or making?

Here are a few links to current collections we have found online:

DIY Decorations

You don’t have to be a creative genius to whip up some creepy crawly creations.  The internet is full of inspiration, whether you are looking for some adult sophistication or childish fun you will be spoilt for choice.

Our go to place for creative make ideas is Pinterest.  Here are some finds we found in a 1 minute search (literally).

Party Games

A Halloween party is not complete without games.  How about adding some of the below to your itinerary or go equipped to a friends party to get the party going!

  1. Apple Bobbing – apple in a bucket of water and person has to try and get it out with hands behind their back, using their mouth (head) only.
  2. Rice Treasure Hunt – Washing up bowl filled with uncooked rice, with small Halloween items mixed in (could be small plastic spiders, basically anything small), and then using non-dominant hand (left if right handed etc) give the person 30 secs to find as many in the rice and take out.  Person who gets most is winner.
  3. Pinata – No party is complete with a goody filled pinata!  Fill with Halloween sweets, and maybe if you are feeling particularly evil, fill it with some tricks!
  4. Donut eating – tie some donuts to a horizontal pole suspended from floor.  Get people to lie underneath and first person to eat donut off string wins.  (Again no hands allowed)
  5. Team Mummify – In teams choose your ‘mummy’ and then using toilet rolls wrap them up like a mummy.  Best wrapped wins after allotted time.

Ghouls, Ghosts and Gremlins – Tasty!

Don’t buy ready made party food for Halloween, have fun making your own.  More than likely you will already have all of the necessary ingredients in your weekly shop.  Just be adventurous.  The fun is making things, not what they seem.

Again here are some of our favourites found on pinterest.


Have a freaky fun Halloween.  The Penny Fairy wold love to see what you get up to, share your pictures on our social media accounts.